On Solid Ground Rentals on New Grounds

On Solid Ground Rentals moved their studio and storage to the cutest new space.  We went their Warehouse Warming Party and everything was so stinkin’ cute!  (of course, one shouldn’t expect anything less!)

OSG Furniture Grouping

There is a cute outdoor space overlooking a garden that Sarah set some furniture groupings, as well as the very yummy Dessert Table.

OSG Dessert Table

Studio Fleurette did the flowers and I was obsessed with them.  Gorgeous colors and perfectly designed into the containers.

Of course, no party is complete without beverages and the signature drinks were very yummy, served in jelly/jam jars.  Mix up the jelly and blueberries set at the bottom of the jar and you had a ridiculously delicious summer cocktail.

OSG Signature Cocktail Before

OSG Signature Cocktail After


Brilliant Birch

Of course being from a rural area where birch covered our wooded land, these birch straws just struck my fancy.

These straws with a birch design on them are perfect for rustic and/or northwoods events and at $8.95 for a pack of 144 from CB2, this detail is brilliant without breaking the bank!  Oh, and not to mention they are very environmentally friendly!


Time to Smell the Flowers

I walked into Whole Foods recently and stopped in my tracks by the vibrant colors of dark pink peonies.  Although they were marked as Conventional Peonies, I find nothing conventional about them.  They are gorgeous flowers that have too short of a season.

Pink Peonies Pink Peonies for $14

It was a reminder that sometimes taking a moment to smell the flowers is just what a girl needs to get through a rainy, sleep deprived, busy month.

Thanks nature.  You really are the ultimate designer.

Social Food

I love that Coca Cola is following the social media trend and created a bottle of soda that requires social engagement (not to mention, teaching a bit of teamwork).