One Woman’s Super Power

It’s probably not politically correct to refer to makeup as a woman’s Super Power, but I’ll admit that I have a very difficult time confidently leaving home without makeup on. It is my shield against some insecurity about my looks.This is despite the fact that friends often laugh that I never look like I’m even wearing makeup, as its always so subtle!

Everything is subtle that is but lipstick. Maybe due to the small area it covers, it is the one thing I will experiment with. So I was excited to attend StormSisters Lipstick Launch, as Becky Sturm is always working on an innovative beauty product.

StormSisters Lipstick

Her vegan lipstick (meaning no testing on or use of animals in the making of the product) has 14 colors with enough variety that every woman can find a shade (or two) that works for her.

StormSisters Lipstick Launch

She brilliantly named the shades after real women, including Allison Kaplan from Mpls. St. Paul Magazine (see above).

The launch party was fun as we got a chance to get a little lipstick makeup lesson, followed up with some glitter cupcakes (which the glitter looked quite cute on top of my lipstick!)

StormSisters Lipstick Launch Makeup Lesson

StormSisters Lipstick Launch Cupcakes

StormSisters Lipstick can be purchased HERE or at Maiden Minnesota on November 7th.


A friend sent me a text on Monday asking if I wanted to go to “White Snake” at The Guthrie Theater.

“Yeah, totally!”

“Wait…what is the 80’s hair band doing at The Guthrie?”

I was mildly disappointed that “The White Snake” turned out to be a play, but hadn’t been to a play lately, so said yes.

Imagine sitting down and being immediately engaged in the storyline and characters of a play….no easing into it. The set, while sparse was so smartly and beautifully designed that the minimalism of it all allowed the senses to be a bit more focused in order to take in the story.

White Snake and Green Snake photographed by Liz Lauren

White Snake photographed by Liz Lauren

White Snake Night Scene photographed by Liz Lauren

I was really bitten by this play. This ancient fable is really a story about love, friendship, judgment and acceptance.  There were so many lessons to be learned from the story, that it would be worth seeing the play a second time.

The White Snake written and directed by Mary Zimmerman runs at The Guthrie Theater through October 19, 2014. More information and tickets are available here.

On Solid Ground Rentals on New Grounds

On Solid Ground Rentals moved their studio and storage to the cutest new space.  We went their Warehouse Warming Party and everything was so stinkin’ cute!  (of course, one shouldn’t expect anything less!)

OSG Furniture Grouping

There is a cute outdoor space overlooking a garden that Sarah set some furniture groupings, as well as the very yummy Dessert Table.

OSG Dessert Table

Studio Fleurette did the flowers and I was obsessed with them.  Gorgeous colors and perfectly designed into the containers.

Of course, no party is complete without beverages and the signature drinks were very yummy, served in jelly/jam jars.  Mix up the jelly and blueberries set at the bottom of the jar and you had a ridiculously delicious summer cocktail.

OSG Signature Cocktail Before

OSG Signature Cocktail After


Brilliant Birch

Of course being from a rural area where birch covered our wooded land, these birch straws just struck my fancy.

These straws with a birch design on them are perfect for rustic and/or northwoods events and at $8.95 for a pack of 144 from CB2, this detail is brilliant without breaking the bank!  Oh, and not to mention they are very environmentally friendly!