What Is Your Wish, Miss Wolf?

No, I didn’t dream someone asking me that question.

I was staying at the W Minneapolis Foshay on New Year’s Eve.

Although I decided not to be obnoxious, it was tempting to call the front desk every few minutes just to hear “What is your wish, Miss Wolf?” After all, no one ever asks me that when I step out of the W and back into reality.

Wouldn’t it be grand if every time I picked up the phone that the person on the other line answered the phone in that manner?

I did manage to get out of bed on New Year’s Day at a reasonable hour to have breakfast at Manny’s with Susan and Jackie (may I recommend the eggs benedict?). After a quick workout (I know it is so cliche to start out the year that way), I took a shower and then crawled back into bed. The beds are so comfortable that it seemed a shame to waste one second of the experience of resting in it.

Rivaling the service at the W, I love the Bliss products in the bathroom. I felt like I was on vacation and it was lovely, lovely, lovely!

Since vacations are out of vogue right now, consider a “staycation” and spend a night being pampered and having your every wish granted at the W Minneapolis Foshay. And if it is on a Friday or Saturday night, consider part of your entertainment “people watching” in the lobby bar, The Living Room.

If you grab a snack in the bar, I recommend the Ahi Tuna. I love that appetizer that I never like to share it. I also love the Pub Grub and the mini sliders. Yum!

What a perfect way to end 2008 and ring in 2009!

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