In my previous life, before I entered into the crazy world of Events, I held a position as a Regional Sales Manager for a home textile manufacturer. One of my co-workers there became a close friend and about a year after I opened The Style Laboratory, she called to tell me she was thinking of opening her own candle company.

All I could think at the time, “Aren’t there enough candle companies out there?”

But she was very excited and I wanted to share her joy.

Her company Galena Candle Company is now a successful retail operation. As she and her partner (and husband) decided to expand, they came up with the EcoDotz Creation Stations to sell to other retailers.

New EcoDotz Creation Stations starts with imagination. And maybe a little inspiration, like a recipe for “Holiday Magic” or “Granny’s Kitchen”. And then, your creativity is stirred.

The new rage invites interactive exploration through the senses using colorful, flavorful aromas captured in environmentally friendly wax dots. The versatile beads can be layered or mixed in any order to create a bright array pleasing to the eye, spiritual to smell and just downright fun for your fingers.

All SOY wax too, so you’ll have a nice, clean burn each time!

You can try the product yourself and order from Galena Candle Company on-line.

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