Bee Hive Hotel

For an unknown reason, I was the only kid in my family willing to help harvest the honey from the bee hives we housed on our property.  It was hot, sticky work, but I think because I never got stung, I have positive memories of doing the work.

So whenever I hear about bee hives and beekeepers it puts a smile on my face.

And when I hear one of my favorite hotels ensures that the bees living at their hotel are welcomed like any of their other guests, well, it just makes me giggle.

W Minneapolis – The Foshay decided rather than smoke out two queen bees and their swarm, they would make them feel at home. Of course, Wendy and Wilhelmia have to “pay their rent” just like any other guests.  In exchange for comfortable housing, the queen bees produce honey that is used in items served at the hotel.  Seems like a fair exchange to me.  What do you think?

What I find most amazing is that W Minneapolis – The Foshay has utilized their Whatever Whenever approach and kept two queen bees happy, when naturally, queen bees living so close together generally try to take each other out!  If they can do that with bees, imagine what they do for difficult human guests!

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