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Congratulations to all the winners of awards at the Minnesota Bride Best Of 2011.

But especially to the vendors we work with on a regular basis.

Best DJ:  Instant Request

Best Party Rental:  Linen Effects

Best Luxury Bridal Gowns:  Bridal Accents Couture

Best Caterer for a Large Wedding:  D’Amico Catering

Best Planner:  Mi Mi Design

Top of the Tiara – Best All Around:  Mother of the Bride Weddings

For a complete list of winners, go here.

Chef Pride

Having found out recently that my biological mother owned a restaurant for twenty years has added to my love for chefs and restaurants.

I’m thrilled that my friend and featured chef of The Culinary Mistress is up for a nomination of Food & Wine Best New Chefs 2011.

There are a lot of reasons I voted for Chef Erik Anderson of Sea Change.  Obviously his food comes number one.  Second he is a lot of fun to watch in the kitchen – his plating precision and his experimenting of flavors and textures.  But mostly I love his passion for cooking and food.

If you happen to agree with me I would appreciate it if you would take a few seconds and vote for him.   Click on the image below and it will take you to the voting page.

It Was an Honor Just Being Nominated

I’m going to admit to a not so common perspective.

I’m not into awards. 

My philosophy has always been that if people are hiring you and like your work, that is award enough.  And much more democratic, I think.

However, being awarded the Vision Award for Innovation really does mean a lot to me.  It represents being recognized for taking a risk and allowing myself to be put into the vulnerable position of being told that my ideas have no value.  I humbly thank all those who nominated me and Meetings:  Minnesota Hospitality Journal for the recognition.

In this day and age of innovation being used more as a term in branding, etc. I like to think that the Innovation Award is a way of saying innovation is nothing more or less than trying to make someone’s life easier, better or enable someone to reach inside themselves to pull something they didn’t know they had.  Everytime someone uses the Style Stations and discovers their own sense of style for their event, I know that our innovation allows others to innovate in their own way.

And there is no better award than that.

Vision Awards

It’s that time of year to submit nominations for The Vision Awards! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend due to the March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction that I am co-chairing, but it is a fun event. I encourage you to vote, as well as attend.

The Vision Awards presented by Meetings: Minnesota Hospitality Journal
Showcasing Best Practices in Minnesota’s Hospitality Industry

Did you produce an event that exceeded all of your expectations? Do you have a co-worker who has inspired your team’s performance? Do you have a favorite vendor who made your event run smoother? Now is the chance to give them and yourself the deserved recognition in Minnesota’s hospitality industry.

The seven categories highlight best practices across the industry, from customer service to leadership and innovation. Choose the appropriate category and nominate your peers (or yourself) or your event. Make sure to go into details and really share that story.

Entries due by July 16.

The Awards
• Customer Service: Explain how a planner or vendor (or both sides working together) demonstrated exceptional customer service during a specific event.
• Stewardship: Describe an individual or a company that makes a positive impact in their community through either a specific event or an ongoing initiative.
• Event of the Year (Planners Only): Nominate a specific planner and his/her event that accomplished its goals to the fullest.
• Planner’s Choice – My Favorite Vendor: Share a story about a vendor who went above and beyond for your event.
• Leadership: Nominate a leader who has called others into action and has made an impact in his or her business, association or event.
• Innovation: Describe an individual or company who has exemplified innovation by implementing a new product or enhancing a process that has advanced the industry, their company, their association or event.
• Inspiration: Nominate an individual (planner, vendor, front-line employee) who inspires his/her peers with his/her ongoing dedication to the industry.

Save the Date: Vision Awards Event
Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010
Details to come!
Presented by Meetings: Minnesota Hospitality Journal

For the latest on these awards, visit us online, check the blog or follow on Twitter (@MeetingsMHJ, #mnvisionawards)