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One Step for Mankind, Two Steps for the Twin Cities Food Scene

Maybe I’m being a little overdramatic with the title, but it is so exciting to have two James Beard Award winners come from the Twin Cities!

Congratulations to:

TV Food Personality: Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on The Travel Channel

Writing on Spirits, Wine, or Beer: Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl of Minnesota Monthly for “Chardonnay Uncorked”

Of course, Andrew deserves to win for all the animal private parts he has had to digest over the past couple of years.

For Dara, it might be old hat to win (this was her fifth James Beard Award), but its exciting that food is now a serious subject in the Twin Cities!

Congratulations Andrew and Dara! Thank you for representing the Twin Cities so well!

And congratulations to all the other nominees from Minnesota:

Outstanding Pastry Chef: Michelle Gayer, Salty Tart Bakery
Best Chef Midwest: Isaac Becker, 112 Eatery; Alex Roberts, Restaurant Alma; Lenny Russo, Heartland

You may not have won yet, but you still do us proud!

Vision Awards

Time to get your vote on for the Vision Awards!

CATEGORIES (Choose the category that best fits the person or event you wish to nominate. You may make multiple submissions in any category.)

Customer Service: Explain how a planner or vendor (or both sides working together) demonstrated exceptional customer service during a specific event.

Stewardship: Describe an individual or a company that makes a positive impact in their community through either a specific event or an ongoing initiative.

Event of the Year (Planners Only): Nominate a specific planner and his/her event that accomplished its goals to the fullest.

Planner’s Choice—My Favorite Vendor: Share a story about a vendor who went above and beyond for your event.

Leadership: Nominate a leader who has called others into action and has made an impact in his or her business, association or event.

Innovation: Describe an individual or company who has exemplified innovation by implementing a new product or enhancing a process that has advanced the industry, their company, their association or event.

Inspiration: Nominate an individual (planner, vendor, front-line employee) who inspires his/her peers with his/her ongoing dedication to the industry.

Winners are announced on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at Chambers Hotel