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One Woman’s Super Power

It’s probably not politically correct to refer to makeup as a woman’s Super Power, but I’ll admit that I have a very difficult time confidently leaving home without makeup on. It is my shield against some insecurity about my looks.This is despite the fact that friends often laugh that I never look like I’m even wearing makeup, as its always so subtle!

Everything is subtle that is but lipstick. Maybe due to the small area it covers, it is the one thing I will experiment with. So I was excited to attend StormSisters Lipstick Launch, as Becky Sturm is always working on an innovative beauty product.

StormSisters Lipstick

Her vegan lipstick (meaning no testing on or use of animals in the making of the product) has 14 colors with enough variety that every woman can find a shade (or two) that works for her.

StormSisters Lipstick Launch

She brilliantly named the shades after real women, including Allison Kaplan from Mpls. St. Paul Magazine (see above).

The launch party was fun as we got a chance to get a little lipstick makeup lesson, followed up with some glitter cupcakes (which the glitter looked quite cute on top of my lipstick!)

StormSisters Lipstick Launch Makeup Lesson

StormSisters Lipstick Launch Cupcakes

StormSisters Lipstick can be purchased HERE or at Maiden Minnesota on November 7th.

The Black List August 2011

Click on the image to see the latest issue of The Black List or here.

It’s All In The Details

A big bulk of my job is looking at images of social and corporate events, as well as weddings. Thousands and thousands of images.

Here are some of my favorite details from the images I’ve been viewing (as a reminder, you can see all of images at The Style Laboratory in the Gaviidae Common II):

This dramatic lighting was created by Instant Request, emulating a winter evening at that exact moment that the sun is setting and the moon is starting to show. Photo by Kelly Brown Weddings.

Wedding planning might not be so lively if not for Mother of the Bride (also known as the mother of the Twin Cities wedding planning industry). One of the many areas they excell in is executing outdoor weddings. This gorgeous wedding with Apres Party & Tent Rental and Wisteria Design Studio is just one fine example of the hundreds of weddings they have designed, planned and executed. Photo by Olive Juice Studios.

Linen Effects for Bride & Bloom Magazine
Linen Effects not only provides the largest selection of linens in the Twin Cities, they supply a very talented team to help put together stunning decor. Photo by Olive Juice Studios.

Maybe its because I flew to New York City to help the bride select her wedding gown and then made a second trip to help her search for lace that would be wrapped around her bouquet and vases to be used on the guest tables, but this is one of my favorite bridal bouquets of all time. The elegance and texture makes this bridal bouquet by Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry one of my all time favorites. Photo by Studio 306.

Manzanita branches convey drama without being showy. Pazzobello added some dendrobium orchid blossoms and crystals to soften the look. Photo by A Picture Wedding.

This photo caught my eye as it reminded me of a movie end as the couple drift off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Such a clean, simple photo with a high impact punch by Staja Studios.

The trend to let the bridesmaids pick the style they feel best in, while staying in the same color theme is a relief. Women come in all shapes and sizes and feeling good on a loved ones’ wedding day is even greater reason to celebrate. These pink bridesmaid dresses from Bridal Accents Couture is complemented by different hair styles by Danielle Goulet Peterson. Photo by Studio 306.

Monique Lhuillier offers a selection of wedding gowns and ready-to-wear that is timeless, yet modern. Photo by A Picture Wedding.

I’ve been known to refer to Flora Studio as the technically perfect florist. Combine that with their creativity and its a deadly (or rather lively) combination. Photo by Photogen, Inc.

Bungalow 6 Design is a master of taking every day items and making them into showstopping pieces through his use of color, lighting and texture. Stunning. Photo by Coppersmith Photography.

This wedding cake from Country Cake Cupboard makes me smile. It’s sweet with a nod to vintage. Photo by Kelly Brown Weddings.

Sadie’s Couture Floral & Event Styling shows that simple can still have high impact. The decor for a corporate event at W Minneapolis – The Foshay shows clean lines and dramatic color. Photo by Noah Wolf Photography.

Actually, Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

In the days that I designed and planned weddings on a regular basis (which as much as I’ve intended to, have not fully retired from yet), I discovered two of a wedding planners’ best friend.

An outstanding hair stylist and an outstanding make-up artist.

Now, this may sound like I’m exaggerating, but what I would tell you is the time the bride is getting ready for her big day sets the tone for rest of the day. If she is feeling relaxed and beautiful, she views the rest of the world as relaxed and beautiful.

I discovered this little trick about wedding planning when I started to work with Sherry Fredkove Makeup and Danielle Goulet Peterson, hair stylist. I’d worked with some other make-up artists and hair stylists, who, quite frankly, didn’t see the importance of relaxing the bride. After all, once hair and make-up are done, the artists don’t see how the rest of the day goes.

Both of these artists are unbelievably kind and committed to making the bride look her absolute best. I would hear, repeatedly, from my clients how they couldn’t believe how calming both of them are! And that really does make a wedding planner’s job so much easier.

Thank you to Laurie Schneider Photography for the images.

Here are some beauty tips for your wedding day:
* Limit your alcohol comsumption at the rehearsal dinner. Alcohol is dehydrating and that will reflect in your skin.
* Wear a buttoned up shirt when getting your hair and make-up done. You don’t want to have to pull a shirt over your head and ruin your hair and smear your make-up.
* Definitely make sure you have a trial run. During the trial run, try to have pictures taken so you have a reference. Also, during the trial run, make sure you speak up as to whether you want something changed or not. They want to make sure you get the right look, but they aren’t mind readers.
* As a reminder, wedding day hair and make-up is different than every day. These professionals are mindful of the photography needs of hair and makeup.