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Morel Mushroom Fanatics

If you’re one of those big Morel Mushroom fanatics (who knew this was a thing?), you’re going to want to make sure to attend the first annual MN Morel Fest!

Morel Fest Postcard

And the Winner Is…

Although it would appear the The Battle of the Bouquet Entry IV was hands down the winner, Entry I was actually much closer than what appeared on-line due to the number of votes in person.

Congratulations to Kristi of Pazzobello for Entry IV…I’m thinkng that the bright colors and succulents reflected voters’ desire for summer time to begin!

Thank you to all the other entries, including the runner up with Mickey O’Kane Creative Floral Design’s brussel sprouts and ranunculus which lost by just a single vote.

Battle of the Bouquet Entry V

Battle of the Bouquet Entry IV