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The Style Laboratory Magazine August 2012


Feeding Mouths Feeds the Soul

My biological father passed away about a year ago.

We left Korea when I was three.  It would be another twenty years before I would meet him and find out the reason my siblings and I were given up for adoption.  He had fallen ill and trying to feed three small children became a burden he couldn’t overcome.  Rather than watching his children starve, we were taken to an orphanage with the hope we would be adopted into the United States for a better life.  We were so undernourished that at age three, I arrived on American soil in a jumper dress that was meant for a one year old.

While poverty and starvation doesn’t seem as evident in America as it might in Korea, it definitely exists.  During volunteer work with some of the schools, I’d hear stories about the meal at school was sometimes the only meal a child would have the whole day.

Taste of the Nation HOTlist is an annual event supported by some of the top restaurants in the Twin Cities striving to wipe out childhood hunger.  Event chair Tim McKee has been an avid participant in this event.

So sample some great food, socialize with friends and enjoy this event (one of the most fun fundraising and food events of the year).  Click on the logo to buy a ticket to this June 25th event at The Guthrie.

Participating Restaurants:

Be’Wiched Deli
Bradstreet Crafthouse
Chef Shack
Cooking Matters
Cosmos Restaurant
La Belle Vie
Minneapolis Club
Pizzeria Lola
Salty Tart
Sea Change
Strip Club
Sun Street Breads

Hope to see you there!

Regal Contemporary Vintage

Designing a corporate dinner can be challenging.  Add the fact that the dinner takes place every twelve months, coming up with a brand new concept each and every year makes it even more challenging.

This year, I decided on a “Regal Contemporary Vintage” look.  The Minneapolis Club (and, no, you don’t necessarily have to be a member to do an event there) setting was perfect for the integration of ghost chairs (a contemporary twist of the vintage regal Louis look) with red table and red (contemporary flower balls) and gold decor (vintage mercury glass).

The gasp of the guests entering the room confirmed that I achieved the look I was going for.  Pair that with the exquisite cuisine at the hands of Chef Hakan Lundberg and we ended up with their favorite dinner yet.  Oh, the pressure to top it next year.

Thank you to Erica Loeks Photography for capturing the feel of the event!

Conservatively Chic

I was given the task of creating a look that was conservative in a contemporary space with amber windows at The Guthrie.

Rather than try to neutralize the yellow, I decided to use the yellow as an asset and created a simple, minimalist design that still conveyed a conservative feel.

Thank you to Lauren B Photography for the great photos (and how she neutralized the yellow in the photos…I have no idea!)

I fell in love with the silver and yellowish-gold damask linen at Linen Effects.  Fresh and modern with the use of a conservative design such as damask.

Adding a bit of whimsy by using billy balls makes me smile.  Cheerfully understated (kind of like the florist, Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry).

When you have a view like this, it is important to use it as part of the design.  Gorgeous.