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Sticks and Stones

Last summer, Summer of Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry (this is a lot of summer in one sentence) and I were commiserating about stones.   The shape, size and color.  We both happened to have events integrating stone at that time.

I hadn’t seen any photos until Erica Loeks sent over images from the wedding – beautiful!

I love her use of succulents in the bridal bouquet, as it is unexpected.  The mix of texture creates a lot of visual interest.

Summer was mostly excited about the cupcake stands she was making out of vases and stone.  It turned out pretty well, don’t you think?

Thank you to Erica Loeks Photography for the beautiful images.

With This Ring I Thee Wed

I love floral ring pillows, as I think they add a personalized alternative to the typical satin pillow.  I find that pompons work so well as they are small enough and flat enough to serve well in covering a square.

Here are a couple of my favorites from weddings I did in the past.

Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry.  Photo credit Scott Streble

Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry.  Photo credit A Picture Wedding

Pazzobello Flowers.  Photo credit Kelly Brown Weddings

Floral Hip Tip from Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry

“When all is said and planned, throw in something unexpected…an unexpected color accent in the reception flowers, an unconventional vessel for the flowers, or even unexpected textures of flowers or fabrics.”

-Summer Harsh-Demers  of Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry

Image courtesy of Bellagala

The Unusual Suspects

Whenever someone mentions “wedding flowers”, calla lilies and roses pop into my head.

In the past several months, I’ve been learning more about flowers than I ever thought possible. As images for our Style Stations need to be tagged, the process of figuring out what flowers make up a bouquet or centerpiece is equivalent to becoming a research librarian.

There are two botanicals that attracted my curiosity.

One of the bouquet “ingredients” is a scabiosa pod. It basically looks like a mini bouquet and is usually green or brown. It adds texture and dimension to an arrangement or bouquet. This MiMi Design bouquet is a good representation of their talent in blending unique with traditional. (photo credit Studio 306)

Fiddlehead Fern just makes me smile. They are crazy, twirly things that can add some whimsy to both serious and silly arrangements. Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry made a simple yet memorable arrangement by adding the fiddlehead fern for height. (photo credit Studio Laguna)