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Hostess Gifts

One of the things that I love to do is entertain at home (go figure…)

But I don’t entertain like a lot of people might expect. I generally go casual and focus attention on the food and conversation, not so much on decor.

So last night, I made dinner, which was long overdue, for some friends of mine.

I wasn’t expecting any gifts, but I guess my friends couldn’t help themselves.

Jackie brought a very fun book, “Food Lover’s Companion”, that we ended up using to look up a food item none of us were familiar with. Susan brought a gorgeous bottle of white wine in the most elegant veneer wood packaging!

And the amaryllis arrangement Susan gave me was so simply elegant and whimsical.

But perhaps the most favorite items were the cookies that Sara bought from Two Smart Cookies in St. Paul. She had mentioned them awhile ago, but I hadn’t had a chance to try them yet. We ate some as appetizers and dessert (along with some Izzy’s ice cream she brought). So good!

And, Todd, being the busy man about town that he is, brought himself (to my boyfriend’s relief…as he would have been outnumbered by the women). Which was a gift all by itself.