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Ice Occasions New Website

I’m often asked what keeps me in the event industry and I’m always quick to say the people. Definitely the people.

Among some of the nicest vendors to work with, Chris from Ice Occasions has done ice sculptures, luges, food vessels and ice bars for both social and corporate events. It brought out the “I have to let everyone on the planet know about Ice Occasions.”

However, his website was difficult to navigate and didn’t really showcase his work. So we redid a very simple, but easy site that puts his talent into focus.

Check out Ice Occasions new site and replace his old website address with the new one,

Keep in mind, they can make just about anything out of ice.

Contemporary Ice

Often times when I ask a client if they are considering using ice sculptures or ice food vessels, I get a scrunched up nose in response. I know that immediately, they think of the ice sculptures on cruise ships, which is so far the opposite of what I’m talking about.

I started working with Ice Occasions a couple of years ago and love his work!
Minus 5 Degree Ice Bar by Ice Occasions
Ice Food Display Photo Credit Studio LagunaPhoto Credit Studio Laguna
Ice Food Buffet Photo Credit Studio LagunaPhoto Credit Studio Laguna
Ice Curtain by Ice Occasions.  Photo Credit Jenn BarnettPhoto Credit Jenn Barnett

Ice Man

Remember Ice Man from Top Gun? He was the cool as ice, under pressure fighter pilot?

You could call Chris from Ice Occasions the Ice Man…not because he is a fighter pilot, but because he comes up with the most innovative ways to make ice elegant or fun or just plain mystifying!

I happen to love this “shrimp luge”. Whoever heard of such a thing? We’ve been luging martinis and shots, but the idea of luging food is right up my alley!

Chris also does big jobs like the Chambers Ice Bar in the winter and small jobs like little ice shot glasses. All with the idea of being part of the decor and the entertainment!