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Social Food

I love that Coca Cola is following the social media trend and created a bottle of soda that requires social engagement (not to mention, teaching a bit of teamwork).

It Was an Honor Just Being Nominated

I’m going to admit to a not so common perspective.

I’m not into awards. 

My philosophy has always been that if people are hiring you and like your work, that is award enough.  And much more democratic, I think.

However, being awarded the Vision Award for Innovation really does mean a lot to me.  It represents being recognized for taking a risk and allowing myself to be put into the vulnerable position of being told that my ideas have no value.  I humbly thank all those who nominated me and Meetings:  Minnesota Hospitality Journal for the recognition.

In this day and age of innovation being used more as a term in branding, etc. I like to think that the Innovation Award is a way of saying innovation is nothing more or less than trying to make someone’s life easier, better or enable someone to reach inside themselves to pull something they didn’t know they had.  Everytime someone uses the Style Stations and discovers their own sense of style for their event, I know that our innovation allows others to innovate in their own way.

And there is no better award than that.

Mpls. St. Paul Magazine Style Parlor

I was lucky enough to be featured in the “People Who Do Cool Things” column in Mpls. St. Paul Magazine.  After being interviewed for the article, I got a call from the editor asking if it would be okay for them to videotape a demo of the Style Stations.

Of course!

So if you haven’t had a chance to get to Gaviidae to see the Style Stations for yourself, here is a great way to see what it is we’re doing via The Style Laboratory | Multimedia | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine +


I. Want. This.

Who knows if VW will actually go into production on this, but I’m digging it and would love, love, love one!

The two-wheeler, which is battery operated, was introduced at an auto show in China.

The amazing part is that you can break it down to fit in the same amount of space required to hold a spare tire in your trunk. I’m thinking that I could ride to work and save money on parking!