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Appreciating Apres

When I was interviewed for the August issue of Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, one of the questions I was asked was what I miss about weddings. I was quick to answer “Being around pretty things 24/7.”

Now, while I still get to be around pretty things, there is just something about weddings that allow you to be around pretty things that you could only hope to imagine.

I thought this photo shoot for Style Me Pretty with Apres Party & Tent Rental was all about pretty things. Gorgeous!

Photography by Red Ribbon Studio

A Different Kind of Red, White & Blue

As a tribute to the Fourth of July, I decided to post a couple of Style Boards that have red, white and blue. Although, it isn’t the traditional color combination, it definitely works for events and weddings!

Linen Effects Red and Tiffany Blue Wedding Style Board
The Style Laboratory Farrah and Jarrod Reception Style Board

Getting It Right in the Rain

As I was riding the bus to work (yes, I am all about public transportation these days…good for the environment, good for the pocket book), I was looking out the window as people were setting up on Peavey Plaza for a “Got Milk?” event.

All I could think about is the number of times clients would say that they didn’t feel like they needed a back-up plan for their outdoor event, because they had a direct line to the big Guy and just knew it wouldn’t rain on their event.

I’ve always said that is pretty much a guarantee that it will rain.

So here are a few things I’ve learned about doing outdoor events:

* I’ve mentioned this before, but rain falls at an angle and rarely falls straight down. Therefore, it is imperative that you have sidewalls available for the tent. If God is smiling down on you, you can always remove the sidewalls. (I do love that look…the open air)
* Are you thinking of setting up a tent at a bottom of a slope? It doesn’t even need to be a steep slope. Just remember that water runs downhill and the last thing you want is for your guests to be waterstaining their Manolo Blahnik’s.
* You may want to have fans set up. It’s July, hotter than a dickens and raining. The sidewalls are down and there is no circulation. You now have the equivalent to a sauna.
* Be sure if you are setting up a tent that it isn’t over a septic system. Why you ask? Well, if it is raining and the sidewalls are installed and it gets steamy, what basically happens is the air acts as a wick to the sewage, which manages to make itself well known. Soggy, smelly ground. Not to mention, unsafe and unsanitary.
* Have your rental company do a site visit prior to deciding on an outdoor site. Apres Party & Tent Rental has done this a number of times and even talked clients out of doing an outdoor event if the conditions of the site aren’t conducive.
* If you are going to be at the bottom of a slope, consider having a temporary floor put in. Apres Party & Tent Rental has installed wood floors for some of my outdoor weddings and events. It kept the female guests really happy as their heels didn’t keep sinking into the ground.
* And if everything is planned outside, it’s always a good idea to have a viable back-up plan.
* My best piece of advice when you are planning an outdoor event is hiring a wedding or event planner. They know all about back-up plans and have the experience to fight the weather. After all, it is hard to beat nature as far as beautiful backdrops to an event.

Photo Credit Olive Juice Studios for Mother of the Bride and Apres Party & Tent Rental

It’s Snowing!

There is very little in life that is as pretty as falling snow, especially when it is dark enough to see the falling flakes. Romantic. Ethereal. Beautiful.

Upon request (after all, the company was built on fulfilling requests) by Give My Regards Event Planning, Instant Request created the effect of falling snow during the bride and groom’s first dance. Integrating a snow machine at The Depot doesn’t sound difficult at first glance. But rigging the machine in the ceiling behind the ceiling draping and getting the snow to fall through the ceiling draping, well that sounds like a job for MacGyver.

I believe that Instant Request likes to take on MacGyver-like challenges. And what better challenge that has to do with mechanics, rigging and decor. Just up their alley.

The falling snow is so pretty against the blue lighting (also provided by Instant Request) and created a very dream-like feel.

The snow machine and lighting (wide variety of colors) are available for rent and installation by Instant Request.

Photos by Kelly Brown Weddings