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At the risk of getting clobbered, I have to say I wasn’t a big of a fan of S** and the City 2 (excuse the asteriks, but I would prefer my blog not show up when that word is being searched).

I think its because I missed the main character.

New York City.

Nonetheless, I had a great time at Gigi’s Guide SATC2 Party at Le Meridien Chambers (and grabbing a bite to eat at Seven Sushi right before the show). It was fun to see all the women dressed up in cute dresses and some fantastic shoes!

But the best part of the night was getting together with my girlfriends. Having a couple of cocktails and being able to chill out.

25 Years of Wedded Bliss is Definitely Worth Celebrating!

As I was organizing disks of images, I ran across a disk of a 25th Wedding Anniversary Party I did back in 2006. It seems eons ago, but it was still one of my favorite events (despite getting into a pretty serious car accident four hours before the event started).

An event planner from Washington D.C. was a guest at the event. She had been following my career after discovering me in an InStyle Weddings magazine. One of the guests introduced us upon hearing her say “This looks like an event The Style Laboratory would do.” Imagine her surprise to discover that, in fact, the event was designed by The Style Laboratory.

Summer, who now owns Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry, did the flowers when she was at Stems & Vines.

Red Tulip Wheat Grass Centerpiece
These red tulips “planted” in wheat grass make me smile. It was a spring day, similar to today…a little overcast, a little rainy, a little chilly.

Red Carnation Topiary and Lime Centerpiece

Creating a dramatic, contemporary centerpiece can be difficult if set in a traditional setting. But this centerpiece truly melded the contemporary and traditional in a seemless way.

Lime Green and Black Cake from Gateaux
Robin from Gateaux admitted to me after the party that she thought I was nuts upon receiving the lime green swatch I wanted her to match. She said the green cake was absolutely hideous at first, but that the dots and circles really did tame the green. I loved it. So did the client.

Photo Credit Folio Studio

The Best Years of Your Life

It was once said that high school are the best years of your life. While I don’t entirely believe that, I do think high school does bring a lot of memories that will be cherished for years to come.

That being said, it’s time to think of graduation parties and when I think of that, I always think of Apres Party Rental for tents (for any size party), chairs, linens, decor and all the catering equipment you could need.

Apres Party and Tent Rental Frame Tent

Thank you to Karen Van Wert for the images.

Sweet Approach to Dessert Buffets

I will admit that one of my favorite designs ever is the “Edible Garden” I dreamed up for this year’s The Duel of The Design.

I had wanted Jessica’s Cakes to do a trend cake and so after some discussion, we decided that she would do a Gnome cake. Incredibly the cake she created looked just like a garden gnome!

Displaying such an amazing cake can be a little tricky, so after some thought, I decided that we would have a “tree” in the center of the table that the gnome would set at the base. Patches of moss and grass would cover the entire table, with a couple “low cylinder vases filled with water” emulating ponds.

Jessica then baked cupcakes with fondant “mushroom cups” and mini cupcake “flowers”, as well as cookies made into flowers and butterflies (that we hung from the “tree).

But I think the element that helped finish off the table was the “pathways” created from Thomasina’s Cashew Brittle.

It must have gotten guests’ sweet tooth going, as there wasn’t a single morsel left by the end of the night!

The moral of the story is use your imagination and don’t be limited in creating your sweets buffet to platters and vases.

Just wait for what I have in store for next year! (By the way, mark your calendars as The Duel of The Design 3.0 is on March 11, 2010 at International Market Square!)

Thank you to La Vie Photography and Studio Laguna for the images.