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A Polished Look

A big advantage to hiring a wedding planner is having an objective person ensure that all of your details tie together for a very polished look.  Since all of the vendors don’t necessarily know the details regarding other vendors, someone overseeing the different elements is helpful.

This wedding with Anna from Fete Perfection ensured that the rental items from Apres Party & Tent Rental was perfect for the setting, the flowers from Wisteria Design Studio and the lighting provided by Instant Request.  Not to mention the cake from Gateaux had a detail as a nod to the Graves 601 Hotel.

Elegant, but not overdone.

Photos courtesy of Kelly Brown Weddings.

The Watters Event

Bridal Accents Couture always puts on great events.  For three days, try on the newest Watters bridal gowns and receive a ten percent discount.

Jumping Into Marriage

Some would say that jumping into marriage isn’t a good idea.

I think perhaps this situation might be an exception.

Bree and I (along with a couple of other friends) were having dinner at Manny’s about a month ago.  She wondered aloud when her boyfriend would propose.  We joked around about how to encourage a proposal and even thought we should place bets about when it would happen.

So when a girl is hoping for a proposal, it makes it challenging to surprise her.  But Ian managed to accomplish that feat. 

He was wearing a blue shirt as they got on a plane to go skydiving (and funny enough, at a place that a former client works).  While Bree was thinking about making the jump, Ian managed to sneakily take off his blue shirt so that he could reveal a red shirt he was wearing underneath.

Ian jumped with a videographer who shot him the whole way down wearing the shirt.  Immediately after he landed, he put his blue shirt back on over his red shirt, so Bree was oblivious to the whole “Superman” move.

As the two of them watched the video of his jump, Bree was stunned by the message on his red shirt.

Upon seeing the message, she looked over at him, at which point he got on one knee, ring in hand, and asked her to marry him!

Now that’s what I call falling in love!

The Black List August 2011

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