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Due to all the discourse that is happening in the world today, I have been inspiration-challenged. Everything has seemed so depressing that it is hard to get excited about much.

It dawned on me a few weeks ago that part of my challenge is I’m not constantly surrounded by “pretty” things like I was when I was planning weddings. And I am also not creating as many “pretty” things these days. When I was talking to Suzette, who owns A Cupcake Social, about fondant decorations for an upcoming event, it dawned on me that I never learned how to work with fondant. So I asked her if she would be willing to do a cupcake decorating class for a couple of my friends and me. She graciously said yes, despite never having taught a class before.

Her bakery in South Minneapolis is cute and welcoming and also showcases her pretty blue A Cupcake Social food truck in front of the shop.

Of course, as we are looking at all the things in her shop, we just had to ask for samples of her made from scratch ice cream.


We started with naked cupcakes and decided to work with fondant first. She recommended to think back to the days of playing with Play-doh and treat the fondant the same way. She brought out a bunch of flower and alphabet cutters. I decided I wanted to try to make a person, so she added some powder to allow the fondant to “stiffen up” and hold its shape better.

The beauty of fondant is the ability to reuse your mistakes and start over again. My boy ended up looking like one of the Fisher-Price Little People toys.


I loved the different ways of decorating the cupcakes. We used fondant, buttercream frosting, cream cheese frosting and cookie crumbs. The variety of frosting tips and cutters, along with our imagination, really offered an unlimited number of designs.

The other girls showed a natural talent for cupcake decorating, as well as a natural talent for eating cupcakes!



At the end of the class, I realized that I am going to have to dedicate more time in my schedule to engage in creative activity, because I found the hour so therapeutic. Thanks Suzette for the therapy session and yumminess!