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Meetings: Minnesota Hospitality Journal’s Eye Candy Issue

I love the new issue of Meetings: Minnesota Hospitality Journal because the photography is so gorgeous!

Check out the on-line edition!


The Style Laboratory Magazine August 2012


Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

Not having much money growing up, we seven children learned not to be wasteful with food.  A number of times the phrase “her eyes are bigger than her stomach” was said, but it did not make a whole lot of sense to me.

After spending a fair amount of time around chefs, in restaurants and events focusing on food, the phrase has a whole new meaning.  We eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths.  I’ve definitely been guilty of eating too much food because it just looked so darn good!

My favorite part of being an event planner is working with the chefs on developing the events’ menu and discussing the food presentation.  Chefs tend to be artistic by nature, so it is always such a fun project.

One of the things I love about how this hors d’oeurve from a recent event was presented is by offering a translucent vessel to serve, all the texture and color of the food becomes the focus.  Truly beautiful. (thank you Erica Loeks Photography for capturing Chef Hakan Lundberg’s food)

I knew this hors d’oeurve was going to be good before I even sunk my teeth into it.  It was so exquisitely presented that  I knew if it tasted half as good as it looked, it would be outstanding.  (thank you Erica Loeks Photography for capturing Chef Hakan Lundberg’s creation)

With another clients’ food focused event coming up, I have the task of experiment with containers and vessels to be used in a different way than what they were inteded.  So much fun!

Regal Contemporary Vintage

Designing a corporate dinner can be challenging.  Add the fact that the dinner takes place every twelve months, coming up with a brand new concept each and every year makes it even more challenging.

This year, I decided on a “Regal Contemporary Vintage” look.  The Minneapolis Club (and, no, you don’t necessarily have to be a member to do an event there) setting was perfect for the integration of ghost chairs (a contemporary twist of the vintage regal Louis look) with red table and red (contemporary flower balls) and gold decor (vintage mercury glass).

The gasp of the guests entering the room confirmed that I achieved the look I was going for.  Pair that with the exquisite cuisine at the hands of Chef Hakan Lundberg and we ended up with their favorite dinner yet.  Oh, the pressure to top it next year.

Thank you to Erica Loeks Photography for capturing the feel of the event!