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Can You Tell By Looking At Me That I’m Asian?

The first time I was in a significant piece of press for work, I pointed out my picture to a friend and asked if someone reading the paper would know that I am Asian by the photograph.

I was met with stunned silence.

Although growing up in a small town and being teased about looking different, I thought, for all intents and purposes, I was white like everyone else.  I did get into some fights (one involved being thrown out of a basketball game on a technical foul for nailing an opponent in the mouth with an elbow after she called me a “ch***”), but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I started to see Asian features in the mirror and understand the motive behind the slurs.

Strange, I know.

When I received information about Le Méridien Chambers Burnet Gallery exhibit “Who Are You?!?” by artist Dana Weiser, it became clear that there are other people trying to reconcile their experiences with what they know to be true inside.

The artist, who is also a Korean adoptee, explores issues with identity, adoption and racial stereotypes in her first solo show.

“I attempt to put the viewer in the same state of mind as a person of color might find them self as the victim of inadvertent stereotyping or racism,” explains Weiser. “It can come from this naïve, even innocent origin, but it’s still uncomfortable, insidious, and alienating.”

In “Orphan Baby (Silver),” the artist has incongruously covered a life-size sculpture of a crying infant with cold, glittering Swarovski crystals providing a silent commentary on what she describes as the “current fad” of celebrities adopting children from third-world countries.

One of the things I absolutely love at the Burnet Gallery are the FREE opening receptions that provide time to interact with the artist while conversing about the art.  A lot of art is controversial and debatable (which sounds redundant as art doesn’t really seem art unless to creates discussion).

“Who are you?!?” solo exhibition by Dana Weiser

Burnet Gallery
Le Méridien Chambers Hotel
901 Hennepin Avenue
September 16th
6:00 to 9:00

The Black List June 2011

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Cloud Cave Opens at Le Meridien Chambers Hotel

“My work is a direct result of a cultural cannibalism that repeatedly crosses borders between high and low art,” explains Horochowski in her artist’s statement. “Found objects coexist with more traditional materials to produce psychological environments where the fantastic and everyday vie for center stage. Manufactured objects function as proxies for nature, creating psychic environments that acknowledge the history of landscape painting while simultaneously revealing the object’s practical, internal structure.”

 For Horochowski the exhibition space is an integral part of her art.

I thought it would be good to see for myself what the artist meant by the statement above.

Purple Explosion at Le Meridien Chambers Hotel

I’m going to admit that the color purple scares me with events, as it can come across very cheap if you aren’t careful.

However, the purple explosion at Le Meridien Chambers Hotel had the opposite effect.  You know you nailed it when the client walks into the space with wide eyes of delight.

Generation Photography did such a beautiful job capturing the feel of the space.  When I told Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry that I wanted to go with phaleanopsis orchids, there was hesitation as the orchids are bloody expensive.  But as the room came together, the floral with the linens and the ghost chairs from Linen Effects just worked well.  Add the lighting from Instant Request, and the intimate event had a finished feel to it.

The clients toasted with wine as well as the signature drink, Passiontini.  I’ll drink to that.

Thanks to Brenda and Margie from D’Amico Catering making sure that the event executed flawlessly.  And thanks to Chef Jack Raben for nailing the food, spot on!