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April Showers aka April Flurries

This spring has been so odd weather-wise that I’m not entirely sure if the sweaters are out of sight, out of mind or if they should remain within arm’s reach.  As the saying goes April showers bring May flowers, but for some reason we’ve had more snow flurries than rain!

Regardless, everything was sunny (except the balloon raindrops, but even they were festive) at Lunds & Byerly’s Catering event.

Lunds Catering Raindrops

The event was held in the space above Lunds’ 12th & Hennepin store, with such a cute team, as they all wore wellies amidst the bright yellow and gray decor.  Super cute.

We had a chance to sample products from the Lunds & Byerly’s deli and bakery, as well as the sushi and Asian stir fry that is offered by partnering companies.  And yes, they can do interactive food stations.

Lunds Catering Crab Cake Station

Lunds Catering Cheese Station

Lunds Catering Sushi Boat

Lunds Catering Sushi Platter

And how can you go wrong with a sea of cupcakes?

Lunds Catering Sea of Cupcakes

Unfortunately, we couldn’t sample any of the breakfast donuts (topped off with cereal or bacon or sometimes candy), but I supposed they have to leave us wanting more!

Lunds Catering Breakfast Donuts

To contact Lunds & Byerly’s Catering, visit their website here!