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Smile and the Whole World Smiles With You

My brother and his wife have been in the process of adopting a child from China.  This would make the fourth generation of adoptees in our family history.

The boy they originally were to adopt is not being allowed to leave China.  I don’t understand all the background on the red tape, but know that they had to select another child.

As I opened the picture my brother emailed me, my eyes teared up.  The male toddler is cross eyed with a cleft palate and so beautiful.  It’s just like my brother to pick the child who would be rejected and not have a chance in the world if he were to stay in China.  Most of the Chinese boys who are available for adoption have a “defect” which is why their families reject them.  But all my brother and his wife could see is this perfect little boy in need of parents who will love him.

I met Kim, the founder of Smile Network, recently and I had to tell her about my brother’s soon to be son.  She asked me immediately if there were any doctors she could recommend or any other support she could provide.  Smile Network is really all about the one universal facial expression that every one instinctively understands.  And now I get why she is so passionate about her organization and how it really does affect the soul of a person.

It does make me sad that my father passed away before he had an opportunity to meet any of his grandchildren, but I’m pretty sure he’d be very happy to know that his son is such an incredible person.

Rooftop View

The VIP opening of Crave’s new downtown rooftop was a smashing success.    We laid down the red carpet, poured Moet, passed some food and had DJ Poet, of the Black Eyed Peas, entertain the crowd!

A fun party to put on and I was happy that everyone seemed to have a goood time.

Smile Network had an amazing array of rare wine and unique items for a silent auction that took place in Crave’s Private Dining Room.

Kara of Kamarron Design always does such a beautiful job selecting fabrics, colors and textures for the Crave Restaurants.  The finishing touches on the rooftop makes it a beautiful, yet comfortable space.

This might be my favorite ice sculpture from Ice Occasions!

Thank you to Noah Wolf Photography for the images!