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Hotel Sofitel

For those newly engaged couples looking for an accommodating space in Bloomington, the Hotel Sofitel offers great cuisine with flexible options for your reception.  Not to mention the convenience of sleeping rooms right upstairs.

Thank you to Liz Banfield, Studio Laguna and Erika McCauley for the images.

Calhoun Beach Club

With the holidays comes a lot of engagements.   We’ve been seeing our fair share of newly engaged couples starting to look at venues.  To help out, we’re going to post Style Boards for a number of venues to help with your site selection.

Hopefully the Style Boards show you a variety of color and layout options in the space. 

Thank you to La Vie Photography, Wendy Woods Photography, Studio Laguna, Kelly Brown Weddings and Staja Studios for the images used in the Style Boards.

Thinking Pink

With the big scary C word being closer to me than I ever thought it would, I felt I should call to your attention to the fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

So for the entire month of October, be prepared to be thinking pink!  To get your started, I thought I’d share some pink based Style Boards!

He’s Visual, You’re Visual, I’m Visual, We’re All Visual

Yesterday I was talking to a bride about her wedding. She and her fiance were looking at a lot of venues and some of them were so drastically different from one another. One thing she brought up was that a number of the venues didn’t have very many images to show different set-ups and color schemes, as well as a decor ideas.

As a professional, I can generally visualize design concepts in my head when I look at a room. But, I can imagine how challenging it would be for someone planning the wedding of their dreams for the first time. Aided with Style Boards that I sent her, she was able to get a much better sense of the venues and fell in love with two in particular.

I think International Market Square is a perfect example of a venue that is hard to visualize set-up for a wedding. Due to the extremely high ceilings and the different levels, putting it all together in your head may be challenging.

It is much easier to get a sense of a space with the Style Boards. This example of a ceremony and reception shot by Staja Studios really helps couples imagine the possibilities of the International Market Square (which happens to be one of the venues the couple is considering). At the same time, couples get a sense of a photographer’s work. Some venues are harder to shoot than others and you can definitely tell the experience and talent through the images.

Although we really love for you to take the time to experience the Style Stations for yourself (feedback is that it is a fun, efficient and extremely helfpul tool), you can always call or email us to ask us to send you Style Boards based on your search criteria.