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The Gorgeousness That Was

Leaning toward contemporary design, I’ve always loved the Skyline Room at the Walker Art Center (in fact, The Style Laboratory did the very first wedding reception in that room).

When discussing the design of the wedding reception with Jeanine and Curt, we focused on how to “marry” the contemporary space with a nod to a Great Gatsby feel.  At the center of the vision was Jeanine’s stunning black wedding gown.

jeanine and curt wedding gown

Cadence and Eli (what talented and passionate photographers) captured the images so beautifully!

jeanine and curt bouquet

Floral was designed and meticulously executed by Bastian*Skoog.  They integrated the black lace seamlessly with the very romantic florals and…

…the amazing custom bunting installation that served as a backdrop of the ceremony and later the band.

jeanine and curt wedding bunting

Break dancers did double duty as they provided some entertainment as guests awaited the start of the ceremony, as well as escorting the bride down the aisle.

jeanine and curt wedding break dancers

Following the ceremony, guests were greeted by Cigarette Girls.

jeanine and curt cigarette girls

D’Amico Catering provided some yummy food (required, as the groom has been in the restaurant industry for most of his adult life) and Cocoa & Fig put together a breathtaking dessert table.  Pretty signage by MaeMae Paperie and rentals from Wallflower Event Rental.

jeanine and curt wedding slider station

jeanine and curt dessert table

jeanine and curt skyline

And the happy couple….

jeanine and curt sunset


Girl’s Night Out

As my energy has been coming back, I’m slowly making my way back into the social scene.  I’ve not been attending the same number of events as I was 2009, but am happy to catch a few fun activities here and there.

So a girlfriend and I decided to meet up for dinner before attending the Walker After Hoursparty.  After debating a few locations, I mentioned that I haven’t been to Vincent a Restaurant in awhile and I always know the meal will be good.  So off we went.

We were stuffed on sharing three starters!  Of course, that might have to do with consuming the entire bread basket as their bread is so darn good.

I do tend to be a purist in that I prefer my burgers to be made of beef, but these duck breast mini burgers were so good!  With a bit of crunch in the condiments that added the right amount of texture.

My dinner companion asked me three times what was in the salad.  She didn’t believe that it was lentils and said had she known they were that good, she wouldn’t have been avoiding them all these years.

But the best part of the evening was biting into a perfectly prepared scallop with fingerling potatoes and leeks.  So good.

After dinner we made our way to the Walker Art Center for the CMYK vs. RGB event.  We debated what the letters stood for, as I couldn’t remember “K”.  If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, it’s all about color.  CyanMagentaYellowBlack vs. RedGreenBlue.  It’s strange that I just realized last night that my printer is CMYK, but I tend to do all of my design in RGB.  Oops.

My favorite part of the event was a machine that would take a typed signal from a computer to punch out holes to spell out whatever you wanted.

I love it for its simplicity and impact.  We wanted in line a bit, but finally when my turn was up, I punched out “Just Breathe” as a reminder to myself.

I’d love to have one of these in my office, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t get any work done.

We ended the night having buttons made. 

If you have a chance and have interest in graphic design, check out the exhibit, as there are some really outstanding pieces.

Spring is in the Air!

Spring was definitely in the air at the Walker Art Center for this intimate corporate event.  The apple blossoms really did give a sense of the warm weather coming upon us.

Love to Generation Photography for the beautiful images and thanks to Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry, Apres Party & Tent Rental, Instant Request (lighting), D’Amico Catering and the Walker Art Center for helping make this beautiful event.

Thinking Pink

With the big scary C word being closer to me than I ever thought it would, I felt I should call to your attention to the fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

So for the entire month of October, be prepared to be thinking pink!  To get your started, I thought I’d share some pink based Style Boards!