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Calhoun Beach Club

With the holidays comes a lot of engagements.   We’ve been seeing our fair share of newly engaged couples starting to look at venues.  To help out, we’re going to post Style Boards for a number of venues to help with your site selection.

Hopefully the Style Boards show you a variety of color and layout options in the space. 

Thank you to La Vie Photography, Wendy Woods Photography, Studio Laguna, Kelly Brown Weddings and Staja Studios for the images used in the Style Boards.

Traveling Theme

Generally, when a wedding client wants to integrate a theme into their wedding, I gently remind them to edit themselves. It is fairly easy to run wild with a theme that the wedding loses the focus.

As I met with a client on Saturday, one of the things they want to integrate into their wedding is the travel theme. They looked at this wedding by Mother of the Bride Event Planning as the theme is beautifully presented without losing the focus of the wedding itself. Touches of the travel theme sprinkle throughout the reception as part of the overall backdrop to the wedding.

Mother of the Bride Travel Theme Wedding Style Board

Photos by Wendy Woods Photography

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