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A Polished Look

A big advantage to hiring a wedding planner is having an objective person ensure that all of your details tie together for a very polished look.  Since all of the vendors don’t necessarily know the details regarding other vendors, someone overseeing the different elements is helpful.

This wedding with Anna from Fete Perfection ensured that the rental items from Apres Party & Tent Rental was perfect for the setting, the flowers from Wisteria Design Studio and the lighting provided by Instant Request.  Not to mention the cake from Gateaux had a detail as a nod to the Graves 601 Hotel.

Elegant, but not overdone.

Photos courtesy of Kelly Brown Weddings.

25 Years and Counting

Last week, I was invited to ccelebrate with Wisteria Design Studio.  And for a very important occasion – Russell’s Wisteria Design Studio turned 25!  25 years in business is a big reason to celebrate!

And just like his personality, Russell does big designs…here are a couple photos of his work from the last couple of years.



 Thank you to Kelly Brown Weddings for the photos.


A couple of weeks ago, I posted ideas for boutonniere options to coordinate with a cobalt blue dress. Imagine my surprise to discover hundreds of hits for “boutonniere with blue dress”.

So I would imagine that people are looking for creative ideas for boutonnieres. I put together two Style Boards from our Style Stations…one for boutonnieres that would go well with green dresses and one for boutonnieres that would go well with pink dresses.

Later this week, I will post some Style Boards for bridesmaid bouquet ideas to go with a variety fo different color dresses.

Just Point and Slide.