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Conservatively Chic

I was given the task of creating a look that was conservative in a contemporary space with amber windows at The Guthrie.

Rather than try to neutralize the yellow, I decided to use the yellow as an asset and created a simple, minimalist design that still conveyed a conservative feel.

Thank you to Lauren B Photography for the great photos (and how she neutralized the yellow in the photos…I have no idea!)

I fell in love with the silver and yellowish-gold damask linen at Linen Effects.  Fresh and modern with the use of a conservative design such as damask.

Adding a bit of whimsy by using billy balls makes me smile.  Cheerfully understated (kind of like the florist, Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry).

When you have a view like this, it is important to use it as part of the design.  Gorgeous.

Book Worms Wed

It is a tradition in a particular family to hire me as their wedding planner.  Although I don’t really do weddings anymore, I made an exception for the family.

Just over eight weeks before the wedding, we made the bold decision to move the wedding, as the St. Paul venue was experiencing flooding and I couldn’t be sure that the repairs would be done in time for the wedding.

We quickly shifted to Spill the Wine and was extremely impressed by the level of service and their ability to do family style dinner service (not every caterer has the capability of doing this).

Despite working on a tight budget, the wedding turned out exactly as the clients wanted it.  La Vie Photography did a great job capturing the look put together by The Style Laboratory, Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry and Apres Party & Tent Rental, as well as the dancing to Instant Request.  And guests enjoyed pies and cakes from Country Cake Cupboard.

The book themed wedding started out with Save the Date “library cards” and the invitations were about telling their love story.

And they lived happily ever after.